How to Correct A Comma Splice: Online Punctuation Help

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We all know the importance of punctuation. It makes your writing readable and understandable. A text without punctuation is difficult to understand and sometimes the message is conveyed very wrongly. That is the reason, people need free comma corrector online. Previously, people were used to hiring online proofreading experts, but they take a fee and if you need the document in a short time the fee is even higher. But if you use a tool, it will be available instantly and there are no charges, as this online tool is available for free. So, get online punctuation help and solve all your punctuation problems.

What Is Comma Splice?

A comma splice is one of the most common punctuation mistakes. When a comma is used to join two independent clauses, it is called a comma splice or comma fault. If you see these clauses, they are independent and grammatically correct. So, connecting them by using comma only will be incorrect.  A comma splice is used in literature to express a certain mood, but usually, it is considered as an error. That is the reason, you can find comma splice checker online. This tool can identify the comma splice and can also give you a suggestion to correct this error.

Comma Splice: Why It’s Important to Mind It?

It is important to care about the comma splice when you are writing, punctuating and proofreading your text.  It is important to take care of comma splice because it affects the fluency of your writing. In some cases, it destroys the effectivity of your writing and makes it unclear. So, you have to be careful about the comma splice. How to correct a comma splice? You may not have any idea if you are not good at punctuation. So, using online tools can really help.

How to Avoid Comma Splice: Basic Rules

As mentioned earlier, comma splice should be avoided. But a common person or student has no idea, how to avoid comma splice. Here are some basic rules, which you can use to avoid a comma splice.

  1. The most commonly used rule to avoid comma splice is to split both independent clauses into two different sentences. You have to use a period between the two clauses.
  2. You can add a coordinating conjugation along with a comma. The use of conjugation will make it grammatically correct.
  3. Using a semicolon between two independent clauses can also help to avoid a comma splice. Replace the comma with a semicolon.
  4. You can make one clause subordinating and others will remain independent, this way they can be connected by using a comma.
  5. You can add another punctuation mark, the semicolon is already mentioned, you can use the colon according to the situation.
  6. If you cannot find any appropriate way, you can reword your sentence and write it another way with suitable punctuation.
  7. You can use a conjugative adverb but use a semicolon before that.
  8. You can use a comma help engine to get suggestions about removing comma splice.

These are the general rules, which can help you to avoid a comma splice. Depending on the situation, you can use any one of these.

Examples of Comma Splice

You can get help with punctuation online if you want to avoid comma splice. However, to avoid it or fix it you need to understand it first. Here are some examples of the comma splice, which will help you to understand it in a better way.

  • Tomato is not actually a vegetable, it is a fruit.
  • He was thinking to skip French class, that was boring for him.
  • I was late, they left without me.
  • I went to the mall, it was very busy.
  • I was angry, my friends were too loud.

If you face similar kind of issues, when you write, you can get help with grammar and punctuation checker.

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How to Fix Comma Splice?

Many people use punctuation helper to fix a comma splice. However, you can do it on your own. Here are some simple ways.

  1. Use a period between the two clauses and make two independent sentences.
  2. Use a semicolon instead of a comma.
  3. Use a coordinating conjugation at the beginning of the second clause.

Depending on the situation, the solution can be different, but these are the tips which you can use to fix run-on sentences and related mistakes.

Comma Splice Checker Online: How It Helps?

We offer punctuation help for students, writers, bloggers and everyone who needs it. It helps the users in many ways. It checks your text for grammar mistakes and spelling errors. It also checks punctuation and misused words. It checks text according to its context. So, only the mistakes are highlighted. It offers correction suggestions as well, which saves a lot of your time. If you will auto correct punctuation regularly, it will help you to improve your writing and punctuation skills. You will be able to know about the fused sentences and comma splice and eventually, you will start avoiding these mistakes.

Get our online punctuation help and avoid problems like comma splice easily. Use this tool, it worth a try!