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Grammar and Punctuation Fixer

Sentence punctuation checker is a useful tool, which makes punctuation easy. Punctuation is a difficult task, as it takes a lot of time and a lot of rules are also involved. So, students and writers find it quite troublesome to punctuate, when the document is long enough. It is important to proofread your text, to make text effective and useful for the reader. You can find a variety of tools online, so you have to make a wise selection. Choose the one which offers a variety of services, easy to use and available any time. An inefficient tool can make things worse for you. It can waste your time and destroy the quality of your content, even further.

Fix Punctuation: It Can Change the Meaning

Grammar and punctuation fixer can help you to fix the punctuation related problems. However, many people don’t realize the importance of punctuation. They take it for granted. If punctuation is correct, the quality of your content will be good, and it will be easy to understand.

The reader will appreciate your writing skills as they will be able to understand the message clearly. On the other hand, if punctuation is not correct, it can not only make the text unreadable and vague, but it can change the meaning very wrongly.

A very famous example shows how only punctuation can change the meaning.

“Hang, don’t leave him”.

“Hang don’t, leave him”.

You can find many such examples, which can make you think to “fix my punctuation”.

Comma Fixer Online: Comma Usage Needs Attention

The comma is the most commonly used punctuation mark and it is equally important too. The comma is a little pause in the sentence. If you need a break, you should use a period and if you need a longer pause semicolon is there. So, a comma should be used carefully as some common punctuation mistakes are associated with it. You can use a comma fixer online to correct those mistakes. Here we are discussing some important ones.

  • Comma splice: When two independent clauses are joined together by using a comma, it is called a comma splice. To avoid this, you can use a period to make these two independent sentences.
  • Clause: clause is the smallest grammatical unit that expresses meaning. A sentence may contain two or more clauses. However, if clauses are independent don’t join them by a comma. You can join two clauses by a comma if one is dependent on the other. Punctuation fixer online free can help you to fix such mistakes.
  • Conditional sentences: You can use a comma in conditional sentences, if “if” clause is used at the beginning of the sentence. However, if the sentence is starting with another clause, avoid the use of the comma in a conditional sentence.
  • Compound sentences: the compound sentence is a sentence that has two clauses. You can use a comma in a compound sentence before words like but, or, yet, so, for, etc.
  • Non-essential clause: a comma is used to separate the nonessential clause from other words.

15 Basic Punctuation Rules

You can find many programs that fix punctuations. Verity of apps and software are also available. However, if you know some basic punctuation rules, it will help you not only to punctuate but you will be able to use the software properly. These are the basic punctuation rules, you can use grammar and punctuation check app for more advanced information about the punctuation rules. However, make sure you apply the correct rule at the appropriate place. If a rule is right but you are using it wrong, it will be of no use.

  1. Every sentence should start with a capital letter.
  2. The end of the sentence needs a period, question mark or exclamation mark, according to the nature of the sentence.
  3. Proper nouns will start with capital letters, like names of books, places, rivers, etc.
  4. The colon is used when the main clause ends and, usually, a list or an elaboration of the main clause follows.
  5. A semicolon should be used to join two independent clauses.
  6. Apostrophes are used when we need to show possession, or we are omitting words.
  7. Quotation marks are used when you quote the words of another person.
  8. The comma should be used before coordinating conjugations.
  9. When you want to join two complete sentences, use a semicolon.
  10. Use a comma after the salutation in letters.
  11. The period is used after abbreviations.
  12. To connect the elements of a compound adjective, the dash is used.
  13. When you need to omit a letter or a few letter ellipses are used.
  14. Apostrophes are used to make plural words.
  15. Braces are used around a group of words to show that they are a unit or Parenthetical phrase.

grammar and punctuation fixer online

Fix Punctuation Errors Online: How Online Tool Can Help?

You can use an online tool to check punctuation errors and fix punctuation problems. Online tools can help in many ways. They check grammatical mistakes and gives correction suggestions as well. This feature is useful for academic writing, particularly. It checks spelling mistakes and improves the quality of your writing. Moreover, it can check misused words, as it proofreads your text according to its context. As the name suggests, it is a punctuation tool, so it can fix punctuation errors online with perfection. So, the punctuation fixer is not only punctuation fixer, you can all kind of editing tips for the improvement of your text.

Looking for grammar and punctuation fixer? We have the one for you. Try this and enjoy your writing, it will take care of your punctuation and grammar mistakes, for free!